26 Feb 2017 —

Quebec native Judith Brassard is serving a 28 year prison sentence for having presumably sponsored the death of her Colombian spouse.

The Canadian Association for Rights and Truth (CART ) is hopeful to see the new Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Stéphane Dion, be more proactive than his predecessor with the case of Judith Brassard, the Quebecoise who has been imprisoned in Colombia for more than 7 years for a crime that she swears she did not commit.

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2 Oct 2014 —

TV show “Enquête” proved that Judith Brassard did not have  a fair trial.

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The Events

Leading to the Misfortune

Here’s a chronological summary of Judith Brassard’s saga where the Columbian justice system of Santa Marta Columbia still has her incarcerated.


June: Judith is in Montreal teaching music and Spanish in a private college.

August: she takes the necessary steps to obtain a divorce from her husband, living in Columbia at the time.

Tragic Event

On December 4th 2006, her husband is assassinated. December 5th 2006, she makes the trip from Montreal to Santa Marta, with her two children, to attend the funeral.

December 7th, as she must come back to Canada, the Rojas-Gnecco family begs her to stay in Santa Marta. Judith decides to resign her well-paid Canadian job and acquiesces their pleas.

December 5th 2006, an inquiry is opened which will end on August 28th, 2008. During that time, her phone lines were tapped and so were the phone lines used by the murderers.

False Accusation

During that period, the alleged masterminds of the plot to murder her husband, Felipe’s maid and her husband, accuse Judith of ordering the murder of her husband via a phone call made on December 3rd, 2006. This accusation was not founded.

The investigating lawyer chose to believe the word of a renowned criminal, John William Osorio Buelvas, active member of the “Bloc Nord des A.V.C” (auto defense united of Columbia). Dark forces worked in silence so Judith would be accused.

In November 2008, the murderer and his wife withdrew their statements and declared under oath that Judith was never implicated in her husband’s murder. They thought accusing a third party would get their sentences reduced.

The Arrest

August 28th 2008, Judith is arrested and incarcerated for the murder of her husband. Note: the day of the arrest, the investigator, in league with the Rojas-Gnecco family, had called radio, press and T.V reporters to have pictures taken of Judith in cuffs.

Condition of Detention

For the first week of incarceration, Judith was detained in a public bathroom located outside the walls of the police building. Its roof was punched and when it rained, Judith had no shield. There was only one bench, neither bed nor matrass. She did not get any sleep for a week and was constantly disturbed by the people passing by.

The really morbid part is that the investigator had, in his possession, recordings (on CD) of all the calls made by Judith and the criminals involved. This proved that there had been no communications between her and these people from 2006 to 2008. This CD was the key element in Judith’s favour, but was hidden to better accuse and arrest her. The judge in the first trial discredited this evidence.

Because there is a magistrate in the Rojas-Gnecco family, the trial, which was scheduled to last 3 months, lasted 18, planning longer delays for each of the trial’s postponements.

After 18 months, it’s back to square one.

March 19th 2009, last day for both sides to present there exhibits.

  • Judith’s lawyer presents over 40 evidences of her client’s innocence.
  • The family’s lawyer has no proof of accusation against Judith.
  • The Justice Ministry’s lawyer has no proof to present as well.

In the trial, it was proved that Judith had never communicated with the assassins. The investigator had hidden the proof that exonerated her. In other words, she should have never gotten arrested nor accused.

Questionnable Verdict

On the 40 evidences presented by Judith’s lawyer, Judge Carlos Julio Zagara kept none. He also did not keep the accusers’ statements withdrawals.

February 24th 2010, Judith is condemned to a firm 28 years in prison and a $2,500,000 fine for compensation to the family! The sentence is questionable and the compensation is astonishing.

Note that between the end of the trial on February 6th 2010 and the date of the verdict, on February 24th 2010, 6 people visited Judith, saying they knew the judge very well and asking money for themselves and the judge so her liberation would be facilitated. Corruption in Columbia is common practice.

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