26 Feb 2017 —

Quebec native Judith Brassard is serving a 28 year prison sentence for having presumably sponsored the death of her Colombian spouse.

The Canadian Association for Rights and Truth (CART ) is hopeful to see the new Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Stéphane Dion, be more proactive than his predecessor with the case of Judith Brassard, the Quebecoise who has been imprisoned in Colombia for more than 7 years for a crime that she swears she did not commit.

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2 Oct 2014 —

TV show “Enquête” proved that Judith Brassard did not have  a fair trial.

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Judith Brassard is innocent

Judith Brassard

Judith Brassard

Judith Brassard, a Canadian woman unjustly imprisoned in Colombia since 2008, married Felipe Edouardo Rojas Gnecco in 1994, a local with no known background. Together they had two children: Mariana, now 18 years of age and Felipe David, now 15.

In 2006, her husband was assassinated in front of his dental practice in Santa Marta.

The murderers were arrested and condemned. But, two years after the tragic event, the man behind the plot to assassinate Felipe accused Judith for his own crime. She is then arrested and condemned for murder.

According to Judith’s friends and family, Felipe Gnecco was murdered because of his implication in a money-laundering scheme and also because of his affair with the wife of a drug smuggler.

Bogota’s Canadian Embassy didn’t do anything concrete to come to Judith’s aid.

Help us in spreading Judith’s story to the canadian population. Help us force our Canadian leaders to do what needs to be done to get Miss Brassard back home and close to her children.

We are proud to announce you that the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth (CART), based in Montreal, has been working for the past 8 months on Judith’s case, and now considers it as one of its major priorities. CART’s staff has been in contact with Judith’s family since January of 2015, and its president personally visited Judith in Santa Marta this summer.

We, Judith’s family, friends, and supporters have been pleading for Judith’s innocence and her later unfair and incomprehensible condemnation to 28 years in prison for a crime that she did not commit, since her detention. We have struggled to raise awareness in Canada, and have tried beyond our best to obtain our government’s support; the latter with little success. We believe that the new support coming from the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth will open a new path toward Judith’s freedom… [ Read more… ]


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