26 Feb 2017 —

Quebec native Judith Brassard is serving a 28 year prison sentence for having presumably sponsored the death of her Colombian spouse.

The Canadian Association for Rights and Truth (CART ) is hopeful to see the new Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, Stéphane Dion, be more proactive than his predecessor with the case of Judith Brassard, the Quebecoise who has been imprisoned in Colombia for more than 7 years for a crime that she swears she did not commit.

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2 Oct 2014 —

TV show “Enquête” proved that Judith Brassard did not have  a fair trial.

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About Judith

Judith Brassard

Judith on stage

Who is Judith Brassard?


Born in Dolbeau Lac St-Jean, and before graduating from Laval University’s Music and Singing Education program, Judith Brassard first studied in Chicoutimi, then continued in Charlesbourg/Québec and went on to Ste-Foy College/Quebec. She is a singer-songwriter.

In August of 1994, she married Columbian orthodontist Felipe Rojas and moved with him to Santa Marta. In the years 1994 to June 2006 and January 2007 to August 2008, she taught music and vocals in one of the city’s private Colleges. From June 2006 to December 2006, she moved back to Montreal. In 2003, she produced a record in Columbia entitled AMAME.

She produced major Christmas concert events in Santa Marta as well as musical reviews, costumed parades, The Nutcracker and a Christmas Carol record featuring her school students.

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